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Natural Stone Kitchen Backsplashes

Beautify Your Home With A Natural Stone Kitchen Backsplash

As a homeowner, trying to capture the perfect look in any given space may come as a challenge for some. Deciding on which features you’d like to highlight may be one of the biggest decisions of all. More times than not, the focus for a kitchen upgrade will usually be on the appliances, cabinetry, or countertops. But what about your backsplash?

Your kitchen backsplash has some amazing potential to bring the entire room together. Natural stone is one of those materials that exudes architectural sophistication. A natural stone kitchen is not only beautiful, it’s practical as well. Here are some interesting factors to be aware of before you decide on a natural stone backsplash for your kitchen.

First things first

Try and choose a focal point in your kitchen and stand by it. If you decide on too many focal points, the overall feel in the room may be slightly overwhelming. If you’re deciding on natural stone for both your countertops and backsplash, take note of the veins and their direction. Competing directions of both surfaces may disrupt the focus. It’s a good idea to choose one surface to use the busier stone while incorporating a more subdued stone for the other. Marble and Quartzite are very popular materials for countertops, which means they are equally appropriate for a kitchen backsplash.

The natural stone selection

If you’re using a large piece of natural stone and you’re looking for a feel of uniformity, you’ll need to consider incorporating your common kitchen features, such as outlets for your appliances and your cabinetry. Plug molds are multi outlet power strips that won’t disrupt your natural stone. This also makes the cleaning process much more efficient, as you won’t have to avoid outlets while you cook and clean.

Although most natural stones are heat resistant, you’ll want to verify with your vendor if your selection is appropriate, especially if it’s in close proximity to your stove. Soapstone is 100% heat resistant and also non-porous, making this a very popular choice for kitchens.

Slab thickness is also a consideration, as you want to make sure your walls are structurally adequate to hold the weight of the natural stone. If you have your heart set on a slab but the weight won’t work, a fabricator could have the slab thinned out.

What’s popular today?

Homeowners are enjoying matching their backsplashes to the natural stone they used for their countertops. By using the same materials, you really get the feeling of harmony as you move from one surface to another.

Of course, once you have selected the perfect natural stone for your space, you’ll want to highlight it. The brilliance of your stone will take on another level of detail and color if you install back-lighting. This is just one more way to enjoy the finer things that nature has to offer in your very own home.

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