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Enjoy & Use Natural Stone At Home

Use Natural Stone To Increase Your Home Value

While the idea may seem daunting, a home renovation comes with many notable benefits. Two benefits which really seem to strike a chord with homeowners include getting to enjoy the newly revamped space and reaping the reward of a higher resale value. These two items are often enough to get the ball rolling for the beginning stages of a home renovation.

Increasing your home’s resale value can be done in several different ways. But, if you want to guarantee a value hike when it comes time to sell, use natural stone. Natural stone stands unopposed in terms of longevity, quality, and beauty. We’ve selected some areas in your home, both outside and inside, that would greatly benefit from that natural stone touch.

A natural stone exterior

If you’re looking to enhance your curb appeal, natural stone is the way to go. Outdoor living can be made easier by adding stone paving for paths and patios. This not only gives an aesthetically appealing look to a home’s exterior, but it also gives high traffic areas a break as friends and family don’t have to walk directly on the grass.

Low stone walls can also add another level of appeal to your home’s exterior. You can maintain your garden beds, landscaping, and increase your outdoor seating space. It’s decorative and functional at the same time.

If you have a swimming pool, use natural stone around your pool and neighboring patio. The durability of natural stone differs from traditional concrete since it’s much less absorbent. Used in this context, natural stone is very easy to maintain as it dries quickly, cleans easily with soap and water, and is capable of standing up to the elements, rain or shine.

A natural stone interior

A kitchen could always benefit from natural stone countertops or backsplashes. Granite and Marble are the perfect materials for the challenge, as their hardiness and durability can withstand everyday traffic in these rooms. You can expect a tremendous resale value if you have incorporated these materials for your countertops.

While we all love wood floors, again, there are some areas of your home where natural stone would work best. Marble and Travertine are generally great for flooring. While they both differ slightly on hardiness and porosity, they both work well to withstand high traffic.

Using natural stone in your bathroom can extend beyond your countertops. A fully tiled walk-in shower can really boost your home’s value, not to mention make you feel like your bathroom has turned into your own private oasis.

While some features in your home may not readily jump to the top of your list for a natural stone upgrade, we’re sure there’s a wall or two that you’ve considered highlighting, whether it be by paint, wallpaper, or paneling. If you can think of a wall like this, why not use natural stone? Because of the surface it’s going on, your options are endless for stone selection.

Why not make your home the best it can be? Natural stone is a luxury and bringing it into your home will give you the ultimate return on your investment, not to mention years of enjoyment. Arena Stone is your local natural stone wholesaler, offering a multitude of quality materials from around the globe. Contact us today!

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